Groundbreaking performing arts in sign language

Riksteatern Crea is a forerunner in producing ground-breaking performing arts in Swedish sign language. Ever since the start in 1970, we have worked with a unique range of performing arts, seminars and meetings. Riksteatern Crea has been part of Riksteatern since 1977. Riksteatern Crea is constantly driven by challenging established ways of thinking in the theater and other performing arts. We always strive to both push the boundaries and at the same time be a fixed point for the sign language audience. Seeing Riksteatern Crea’s performances should be like coming home for our audience.

Riksteatern Crea’s vision is to create the best stage art in Swedish sign language, with and by deaf and sign language artists and cultural workers. We are also constantly working to develop our collaborations with interest organizations and theater houses internationally. Today’s range of sign language performing arts is crushingly thin. Therefore, Riksteatern Crea’s role is invaluable. We will continue to use the performing arts to reflect, influence, touch and change. Today we shape tomorrow’s performing arts.