We are now Riksteatern Crea

Formerly known as Riksteaterns Tyst Teater. On november 21st during our 50 years anniversary we left our outdated name behind us, brought the soul with us, and marked a historical milestone in the history of performing arts in sign language.

Riksteatern Crea is a pioneer in the production of groundbreaking dramatic art in Swedish Sign Language. Ever since the start in 1970, we have offered a unique selection of dramatic arts, seminars and meetings. Riksteatern Crea has been part of Riksteatern since 1977. Riksteatern Crea is constantly striving to challenge ingrained notions within theatre and other dramatic arts. We want to push the boundaries and at the same time provide a fixed point for the sign-language audience. Watching aRiksteatern Crea performance should be like coming home for our audience.

Riksteatern Crea’s vision is to create the very best dramatic art in Swedish Sign Language, with and by artists and cultural performers who are deaf and members of the sign-language community. We also work constantly to improve our collaboration with international interest organisations and theatres. Today’s selection of dramatic arts in sign language is devastatingly thin. For that reason, Riksteatern Crea is playing an invaluable role. We will keep using the dramatic arts to reflect, influence, impact and change. Today we shape the dramatic arts of tomorrow.

Please note: The english version of our website is currently undergoing some maintenance, which means you will find some bugs and phrasing errors.

Buhu and Stank is streamed on Riksteatern Play. Click here!