International Sign – Connecting Deaf Performing Arts

September 2019 – August 2022

Riksteatern Crea has now a two year long EU-project. The project’s aim is to develop the cooperation between theatres in France, Germany, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Focus will be on the international sign language on stage, audience development, as well as increasing the knowledge of the participating countries theatre organizations. The project will include several work shops in Sweden and in the other project countries, including all of the administration which will be done according to EU regulations.

The project is funded by Creative Europe under the name International Sign – Connecting Deaf Performing Arts. It is a collaborative project between four other sign-language theater houses; Teatteri Totti in Finland, Teater Manu in Norway, IVT – International Visual Theatre in France and Zentrum für Kultur und visuelle Kommunikation (ZFK) in Germany.

The aim of the project is to expand the theater network in Europe, to investigate and develop international characters on stage. The experience is gathered from both artists and the audience in the respective countries’ theater performances and the aim is to show them at the Festival Clin d’Oeil in Reims, France 2022.

Project webb:

Project co-workers:
Project leader: Elsa Brunemalm
International Sign Specialist: Bo Hårdell
Evaluation leader: Abigail Gorman