Romeo and Juliet at Gullbacken

A love story where desire keeps holding us back

In the retirement home, we watch Johanna, who is deaf and lonely, deprived of access to her language – sign language – suddenly come alive when Roberto, who is also deaf, moves in. Somewhere between the murky grounds of dementia and illness, passion arises. Among the rising of sweethearts, Shakespeare’s blank verse, uncertain caregivers and unsupportive relatives, the struggles of secret love endure all.

Tyst Teater covers a new edition of William Shakespeare’s most well-known plays which takes place in a retirement home in Verona, with a mixture of time frames set in modern times and the middle ages. Peace of mind has been reached in neither Verona or nor the retirement home, and the family conflict still goes on. What kind of destiny is expecting the couple who are in love?

Romeo and Juliet at Gullbacken highlight the love story in the final stage of life and the desire that keeps holding us back; the desire to be loved and understood in our language. The play emphasizes the importance of the political and humane perspective. What happens as we get older? What kind of health care should we expect should be given to us when we grow old?

In this unique and vibrant play, the most prominent actor of all time, Gunilla Vestin Wallin, makes a comeback to the stage as Johanna. Roberto will be played by one of the most internationally distinguished actors, Giuseppe Giuranna. We will also see Joakim Hagelin Adeby, Mette Marqvardsen and Robert Fransson take to the stage in supporting roles. Written and modified by Anders Duus, writer of Odyssey and Nattgäster (Guests of the Night). Directed by Debbie Z. Rennie whose most recent work included directing Parismiddagen (The Paris Dinner) for Tyst Teater.

Recommendation age:  youth from the age of 13 and above
Play time: an hour and 45 minutes without break
Language: Swedish Sign Language and Swedish (International Sign while on International Tour)
Premiere: 2020-10-13
On tour:
 October-December 2020

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Giuseppe Giuranna
Gunilla Vestin-Wallin
Joakim Hagelin Adeby
Mette Marqvardsen
Robert Fransson

Screenplay: Anders Duus
Director: Debbie Z. Rennie
Set design: Märta Fallenius
Costume design: Lars Otterstedt
Light design: Charlie Åström
Music: Niklas Swanberg
Mask design: Anna Olofson

Photo: Mikael Sundberg
Retouch: Johanna Kallin