Buhu and Stank

Tyst Teater is pleased to offer our audience the opportunity to enjoy performing arts at home from the TV couch, bed or perhaps from the balcony. Buhu and Stank is streamed on Riksteatern Play. Click here!

An Anniversary Performance for Tyst Teater celebrating 50 years

Two clowns find themselves on a stage. They’re not sure how they ended up there? Where were they? What were they supposed to do? Or, who decides what will happen? It seems to be some kind of test. Misunderstandings and challenges awaits. These are two shy, curious but ambitious clowns willing to offer an warm show – to all of you who are struggling to understand what’s actually going on.

The right to culture on your own conditions have never been so crucial as ever but is rather a result of the hard and persistent work of engaged pioneers. In 1970 an independent theatre group was founded at Västanvik Folkhögskola in Leksand, Sweden. That independent theatre group became what we know as Tyst Teater and in 1977 joined as a part of Riksteatern. In 2020 Tyst Teater celebrates half a century of creating groundbreaking performing arts in Swedish Sign Language. In addition to the performance, Tyst Teater will also launch an Anniversary book, with stories and anecdotes from the all of the achievements Tyst Teater have made throughout the years.

In this performance– without spoken and signed language – you will meet the talented actresses Debbie Z Rennie and Niklas Andersson, communicating with the universal language of clowns. The performance will be directed by the experienced clown-guru and teacher in acting technique at Stockholm University of the Arts, Per Sörberg. Script by Ninna Tersman.

Recommended age: child and youth, families and adults
Play time: 40 minutes
Language: the universal clown language

Debbie Z Rennie
Niklas Andersson

Director Per Sörberg
Play writer Ninna Tersman
Costume design Annika Sundqvist
Maskdesign Anna Olofson
Stage picture Magnus Lind Ingras