Home (Hem)

HOME (HEM) – without your language you are no body – with your language you are

HOME is a powerful, and inspiring story of migrants, and asylum seekers and refugees fleeing their homes. The difference is they are deaf. The world in chaos is translated into a mosaic of images, half gestures and trying to make sense of a world gone mad.

But imagine you get away, you escape you make it across the border, then what? How does the new land receive you, how do they treat you and how do you communicate when in your own country your sign language is banned? You cannot speak the sign language of the country you arrive in. In the midst of this is the gin and loss of language – how our memories are intertwined with our words, our signs our symbols- our language is a way to find our way home.

HOME is a about understanding and empathy. It is about putting on the table the ones we have forgotten. It is returning the voices of persons who are erased from history – their pain and triumph. The journey of finding your new language and the language deprivation that comes when you are not allowed to use your language.

Everybody must find their way home – there is no other story to tell.

HOME is drawing on real stories form Middle East and beyond. The physical and visual performance is in international signs and spoken English, 60 min.

Amina OuahidAce Mahbaz and Vivian Cardinal

Director: Mindy Drapsa
Script: Maja Lidbrink
Set design Debbie Z. Rennie
Costume designer Christina Yalcin
Light design: Charlie Åström
Sound design: Niklas Swanberg
Mask design Catherine Dichy

Photo: Mikael Sundberg
Trailer: Riksteaterns Ljus, Ljud och Bild