The Earth

When aliens from another planet reaches The Earth for a rescue mission they face a planet under deep destruction. They experience a time warp gearing down to land and see the former beautiful green and blue planet but as they climb down they discover how the green trees are chopped down, the animal are exterminated and the oceans are poisoned. There are wars. Wars against nature and wars against populations. What kind of planet is it that they´ve landed on? Can they turn back time or is it too late to save The Earth?

The Earth is a visual, physical, visual vernacular-inspired performance about climate changes. No words or signs needed to tell this story. Climate changes affects all people around the world, both hearing and deaf. Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg has shown the way for youth to stand up for the right of a better future. Speaking in the UN she blames the leaders of the world for not taking their responsibility. Fridays for future must become everyday for the future. How dare you not participate in that? As we continue to fly, throw plastics or overconsume, who should we blame?

This is a performance about climate changes and the responsibilities that lies on each and one of us. How dare you not see the threats of the future? A performance about activism and what the deaf world can do. Because if we do not have a healthy climate, we have nothing.

The Earth attended the International Festival of Theater Art in Moscow where the play received the prize for best pantomime theater group.

Amina Ouahid and Ace Mahbaz 

Director Mindy Drapsa
Costume designer Annika Sundqvist

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